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"Sverige ligger i norra Europa."

Translation:Sweden is in northern Europe.

August 29, 2015



Why is 'sweden lies in the north of Europe' wrong? Even dictionaries give 'lies' to 'ligger'.


I usually write "sweden lies in northern europe" and it accepts that. "Sweden lies in the north of Europe" would be something like Sverige ligger i norra delen av Europa (Please correct me if I am wrong, native speakers)


But it accepts the 'in the north of Europe' part, only marks wrong it if I write 'lies' instead of 'är'.


In that case, they need to add that translation as acceptable.


I've also reported this.


Just want to say something about the "eu" in "Europa."

The "eu" in "Europa" is pronounced "e" as if there were not a "u" there in the first place. So, "Europa" is "eropa."

However, in other words that have an "eu" in them, the "u" is pronounced either as a "v" if it is to be followed by any consonant but "t" or an "f" if it is to be followed by "t." For example, "neuros" is pronounced "nevros" because it ("eu") is followed by "r," whereas "terapeut" is pronounced "terapeft" because it is followed by "t." Hope that helps in the future.


Can I ask why 'ligger' is used rather than 'är'?


Swedish prefers more precise verbs, such as to lie or to stand, instead of to be.


eller Skandinavien


Can replace ''ligger i'' for ''ligger på''? Is there any difference in the meaning of each?


No, you can't. Countries are i a part of the world, not .


finns is best translated as "exists", not "is" or "lies". If you said "Sweden exists in northern Europe" it's not exactly wrong, but not exactly correct either. Swedish uses ligger for when a flat thing is located somewhere (land is flat, so a country is flat).

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