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  5. "La fille entend le chien."


"La fille entend le chien."

January 2, 2013



Can't this also be "The girl understands the dog"?


I believe that is one of the translations listed for 'entends' now.


this was the first thing I thought when they asked me for this tranlsation for the first time


It should be corrected, as it still rejects 'understands' as answer


Yea I got marked wrong for this as well. I'm not sure why.


So... Is there any reason why "The girl understands the dog" would not be a valid translation? Would there be anything preventing a native French speaker from using "entendre" as "to understand"?


Can 'entendre' not be 'To listen to' as well as 'to hear?


"Écouter" is the verb that more closely means "to listen." Duolingo hasn't taught this verb yet, though, so it makes sense why one might think "entendre" could mean both "to hear" and "to listen." For example, a teacher might say "Écoutez-moi!" ("listen to me!") to his students, but wouldn't say "entendrez-moi," ("hear me").


"The girl is hearing the dog" Isn't it right in English as a translation for this sentence?


Is there a hard and fast rule about when the spelling of the verb form for "je" is the same for "tu" vs. when it's the same for "il/elle/on?" For "entendre," for example, it's "j'entends" and "tu entends" (both ending in "s") but "il entend." For "aimer," however, it's j"aime" and "il aime," but "tu aimes" (no "s" for the "je" form of the verb in this instance).

Often the form for "je" matches the form for "tu" but just as often it seems to match the form for "il" instead.


This is because of the different conjugations between -re and -er verbs. http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/erverbs_regular.htm http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/reverbs_regular.htm

You can see how verbs are conjugated by going to the "vocabulary" section of duolingo (accessed on the top bar of the page) and clicking on verbs.


This is incredibly helpful! Merci beaucoup!


Why is it wrong to translate as "The girl is hearing the dog". It sounds perfectly correct to me.


I translated "The girl hears the dog". Why is this wrong?

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