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"Haben Sie seine Telefonnummer?"

Translation:Do you have his phone number?

January 2, 2013



The system says "Have you got his phone number?" is wrong. Well, is it? Seems acceptable to me.


It's great learning a foreign language - makes you remember reasons for learning/speaking the way you do in your native language. In British English, I was always told that "have you got" while valid, was poor English due to the redundancy of the word "got" - especially in written English. Having said that, you do hear it often enough.


Yep. A primary school teacher (in GB) insisted that you can always find a better verb than "got" and used to mark us down when using this verb. This worked well in a educational sense because when I'm trying to write something formal I naturally look for alternative. But to insist on the this in everyday English, as she did, is too extreme.

"Have you got..." should be accepted.


Why is "Do they have his telephone number?" wrong? Haben Sie can be used for [they have / you (formal) have] right? But I always manage to pick the translation that Duolingo doesn't like. Any help is appreciated.


The S in "Sie" is capitalised, indicting it's the formal form of "you": Haben Sie = Do you have..., Haben sie = do they have...


How would you distinguish this verbally?


You normally know from the context whether someone means "do you have his number" or "do they have his number", but it can sometimes be confusing. This is a problem with DL as you encounter esch sentence out of context.


I don't understand why i can't translate by "do you have her phone number ?".


"Seine" means his. "do you have her phone number ?". would be "Haben Sie ihre Telefonnummer?"


No idea what's wrong with "have you his number".

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