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  5. "Har ni varit här länge?"

"Har ni varit här länge?"

Translation:Have you been here long?

August 30, 2015



länge vs. lång?


Lång is an adjective meaning ’long’. Länge is an adverb meaning ’for a long time’, or ’during a long time’.


Ok, and what would be the answer? Let's say it has really been a long time. Would you say: "Ja, jag har varit här länge." or would just "Jag, jag har." be enough?


The first one works. The second doesn't. The most idiomatic answer would be Ja det har jag 'Yes I have'.


Is it also possible to say "Ja, det har varit jag"?


No, but "Ja, det har jag varit" :). Your sentence means something like "Yes, it has been me".


Remember, "jag" is the object of the sentence, and in Swedish if the subject isn't before the verb, then it has to be directly after.


The fast audio sounds like "hon i varit ha länge"


why is it här and not hit...?


"Här" means "in this place", "hit" means "to this place".


I’m struggling to hear the difference in pronunciation between har and här, is there one ?


Yes, for sure. At least to my ear, har is pronounced like the a in the English word war. Sort of an 'or" sound. här is pronounced with the a just like in the English words at or add. Robot voice does sometimes blur the sounds. The umlaut always matters. :) Tough to compare languages though, so someone else correct me if I'm wrong.

Write the two together in Google translate and play them maybe? Not that google is the go to, but easy to use. That's what I do when I hear two words that are too much alike for my ear to hear them.


stuck it in google and it sounds the same to me apart from pitch lol

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