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These lessons need tips!

The content here is all over the place. I've seen past, future, and subjunctive tenses being used and we've not learned these topics yet. I've only been able to identify the reasons behind the (seemingly random) differences thanks to the discussions/ external resources.

I don't think you can learn this rote very effectively as it is. It would really help to have some direction as per the earlier lessons.

October 28, 2013



The point of Duolingo, I thought, was that it gives you new information in little pieces that are easy to digest if you've gone through the previous lessons. This was not the case for this set of lessons.

I think it would be better if the present tense was all there was here, with other forms coming up later, for example.


I hate this god damn lesson.


I agree 100% with robsteranium and several other people (especially Pearlpollojam) who have commented on the random and unplanned nature of many of the more recent lessons. New tenses are introduced and mixed with older ones, no introduction is given, and users are left to pull ideas together magically. I am a specialist in curriculum and instruction (PhD in that field from a major American university) and am appalled at how little effective pedagogy is found in Duo Lingo. I am learning quite a bit, but the frustration level that has to be overcome is beyond measure. I communicated this opinion to the program manager several weeks ago, but have heard nothing back. Perhaps people who are similarly frustrated should begin contacting the Duo Lingo staff "en masse" in order to emphasize the need for these matters to be fixed. The idea behind Duo Lingo is great, but the delivery is seriously (fatally?) flawed.


I have found myself maintaining more and learning less new material in the last couple of months, mainly because of the directionless feel of the later lessons.


while i agree that duolingo cannot be used to learn a language on its own, this topic introduces aspects that have never been seen before without any prior warning or any explanation of what the tests are about. Some explanation of the imperfect might be useful before tackling these lessons


I have experienced this a little myself, especially words that seem to just pop up that are not in my vocabulary. so I do the peek but I don't want to have to do that. But it hasn't had so much of an effect on me because I have a friend that is German and I send all my questions to her. So almost every time I have an issue it is solved pretty quick. But not everyone has the resource I have so... yeah, this would be nice.


As far as i can say, i am able to learn on Duolingo because i hade 18 months of previuos experience in a Goethe Institut, otherwise it would be for me nearly impossible to learn any German. The Duolingo system requires some former expierence or outside help. Even with all the big former experience i have it's not an easy system.


I had some previous German skills and actually had no probs at all and enjoyed this course until these V. modal lessons... I really find many usages of verbs not only counterintuitive, but contadicting other sources....


I started German in Duo with zero prior experience (the only bit of German I know before hand was Guten Morgen, because some of my friends shouted over and over the classroom to everyone else's annoyance when they started learning German several years ago back when I was in high school); while it's certainly not easy, it isn't that difficult really. I do use other online resources, but the majority and most important component of my learning is with Duo. I find the course very well paced, every time I thought I have mastered one road block Duo introduced me to a new aspect of the language that made me feel helpless all over again, which is awesome as that means the course is neither too difficult nor too easy.


The best way to learn with Duolingo is to combine it with other resources. Personally, I'm not really keen on seeing the limited time that Duo staffs had to be spent on writing grammar tips when there are often many other free websites that explained grammar much better than they could.


That's a fair point. I suppose the title ought to be "this lesson has come too early"!


I find this a lot harder than the adverbs lesson.So confusing. I gotta find something to help me with it :/


I understand everything and i cannot pass the fkng lesson. Scheisse!!!!!! Ich habe diese Lektion gemacht mehr oder weniger zehnmal und ich kann nicht es passieren. Es ist sehr frustrierend!


Found this lesson pretty frustrating.

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