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"Questo ci indicherà la strada."

Translation:This will indicate the road to us.

October 28, 2013



Why not "This will indicate us the road"?


That's not a grammatically correct English sentence. "This will tell us the road" maybe, but I used that and it was marked incorrectly.


Nobody in this discussion has yet mentioned the most obvious natural translation: “This will show us the way.” Fortunately it is accepted. I think it should be made the expected correct translation. Remember that “Sono per la mia strada.” means “I’m on my way.”


Strada also means "route", which seems to make sense in this context, but it's rejected. Is it only right in a special context?


Or ""show" us which means indicate in everyday English.


Duo always accepts "show" for indicare. There are only a few contexts where "indicate" is a better choice.


Why not "this one"?


I have such a hard time distinguishing "ci" and "ti" in the hearing exercises. They sound absolutely the same to me.


I am not sure that the suggested translation "This will point us to the road" is completely correct. According to me a better version with slightly different meaning is "This will point us the road". Can someone tell if I'm right or wrong because neither Italian nor English is native to me.


Neither seems likely to be used in English. I am a native English speaker. The only time that I can see this being used is if you and I were lost in the woods and I had a compass, I might say, "This will point us to the road." But, more than likely I would not use a preposition e.g. "this" but the actual object, "compass" The compass/sign will point us to the road.


Can it mean both of the following? "This will indicate the road towards us" - "This (thing) will indicate us the road (to somewhere)"


Tried this will show us the street and it wasn't accepted :(


It should be accepted also "This will indicate us the road". Grazie!


this will indicates us the road .. not accepted!? Why?

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