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"Літо - це червень, липень і серпень."

Translation:Summer is June, July and August.

August 30, 2015



Hmm, "та" should be acceptable here in place of "і", right? I've reported it.

"літо - це червень, липень та серпень."


I wrote "Лiто - це червень, липень i серпень" Why it says that this is a wrong answer?


You're using Latin 'i' instead of Ukrainian Cyrilic 'і'

Іііііііііііі Iiiiiiiiiiiii

Compare the thickness of both when they are right next to each other. Something is off with your keyboard layout, I would start there if I were you.


Then why in all other exercises this problem does not occur?


There were some issues with this course where you could write completely in Latin transliteration and it would still accept it as correct. I think they already fixed it, but I could be wrong. Going back to your original question this solution seems the only obvious one at this moment.


Don't know. It's a totally right answer

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