Translation:There are strange problems.

3 years ago



are tuhaf and garip the same? or is there a garip fark ;)

3 years ago

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they are the same

3 years ago


Cheers! Having had a couple of attempts at learning Turkish one on one n stalled... it does get confusing at times wondering if the words I already know would suffice. This concept structure is working for me. well done! and Keep up the good work ;)

3 years ago


Can't disagree! Looking at my son's old Turkish textbooks from university, there was no hope learning from them. It looks like that the creators of the Turkish course all alone have found the means to make the unusual grammar (from an Indo-European/Arabic viewpoint) digestable. They also have been uniquely able to mark the path to assimilation of a vocabulary that contains so many groups of words that look so much alike that they are easy to confuse and hard to memorize. Take a bow, Turkish Duolingo!

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can someone help me understand when "var" is "I have" and when it's "There are?"

1 year ago


I have is structured by saying benim X var While there are is structured by saying X var which means that X exists

8 months ago


There are two ways to say I HAVE SMTH in Turkish. First one shows smth that you have with you in a present moment, right now (Sende bir kalem var mı? - Do you have a pan?), the second is to express what you own in general (Senin kızın var mi?- Do you have a daughter?). So answering your question: VAR meaning to have, requires particular suffexes. BenDE or BenIM. When it means there are, there will normally be a place indicated (Otoparkta beş araba var- There are five cars in the parking lot) plus the word VAR/YOK in the end or just the word VAR/YOK after the subject (Boş oda var. There are vacant rooms).

Im not a native speaker, but this is what i got from the previous lessons. So if i am not right please feel free to add or adjust.

5 months ago
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