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  5. "Anden flyr opp i treet."

"Anden flyr opp i treet."

Translation:The duck flies up into the tree.

August 30, 2015



I'd love to see a duck do that with their webbed feet.


There actually are species of ducks that nest in cavities in trees (e.g. common goldeneye) ;)


Why not 'on', instead of 'in'?


The picture on the left shows a male wood duck on a tree. The pic in the middle shows it in a tree (among the branches). The pic on the right shows it on top of (or at the [very] top of) the tree.

If you're talking about someone/something sitting in a tree, they are sitting among the branches.


Can I just say, I love this picture. Also thanks for the clarity.


I absolutely love this picture


The audio for 'anden' sounded like 'am' (with elongated m sound) to me, is that how it is pronounced?


No, it is not how you pronounce it.


Somehow I always though "into" was "inn i". Why isn't this "Anden flyr opp inn i treet"?


"Inn i" is used to express the movement that's implied by "into". Since "opp" also expresses movement (as opposed to "oppe"), we don't need "inn" to play that role.


Ooooh, I think I get it! Takk!


so, if I already have a direction in my sentence saying "inn" is redundant? like this? "hun loper opp i huset" "hun loper inn i huset" (i don't have the O with the line in the middle in my keyboard :( )


Opp i treet means the same as Up ON the tree. Duo, you don't have to translate literally. I'd like to see how a bird, any bird, flies IN the tree. Is it a comic case where it hits the tree and falls down? Or a special kind of duck tha lives INSIDE trees, like woodpeckers?


When you say a bird is on the tree, I picture him up on the highest part of the tree. When a bird is in a tree, it can be on a branch among all the other branches shaded by other leaves above. No, the tree is more than its tree trunk, but some birds do nest in holes in tree trunks. Yes, scroll up to Granbjorn and especially to Aistobe and check out the "Wood Duck".


Why not inn instead of i?

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