"Oni devas konsideri la faktojn antaŭ la decido."

Translation:One must consider the facts before the decision.

August 30, 2015

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This is clumsy English... I would say before MAKING a decision if that's what this sentence is supposed to mean.


Agreed - the current sentence reads more like "consider the facts before [considering] the decision", which is incorrect. Is this sentence well-formed in Esperanto, however? Or should we say, for example, "antaŭ fari decidon"?


antaŭ fari (la) decidon is fine, but I would also accept the Esperanto sentence as it is now. La decido can have two meanings: the act of making a decision, and also the result of this process. So that works well in Esperanto. I understood the English phrase in the same way (decision as a process, not as the result), but I'm not a native speaker...


The noun, "decision" means the result, not the process. The verb, "to decide" or "to make a decision" is the process. If you want a noun for the process, you would say, "decision-making". So one way to translate the above sentence without adding an extra verb would be, "One must consider the facts before the decision-making".


I see. I didn't know that. Thank you!

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