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I spend too much time moving from my keyboard to my mouse.

I need a shortcut command list so I never have to remove my hands from the keyboard. Also, when I am in a lesson and I tab forward from a check box to what I think is a command button then I press enter I get re-directed from the lesson I was working on to the beginning of the lesson. inb4 just don't tab forward and nobody cares.

January 2, 2013



I never use my mouse. I just hit 1 2 3 to do multiple choice/check boxes, then hit enter.


Most of the shortcuts are easy, but I agree with you that there needs to be a shortcut for the special characters. I knew about the german umlaut trick, but what about a ç for french? I don't know how many times in the first lesson I had to type garçon, and every time I had to click on the ç. Alt+0231 isn't very much faster, especially on my laptop.


IMO is faster if you learn to type in the target language keyboard configuration.


I never use the mouse either. 1, 2 and 3 for check boxes + enter. Also, I never use the tab button. Just enter, that's all. Maybe that's what you are doing wrong. Also on the rare drop-down lists, I sometimes use the mouse, sometimes just the arrow keys.


The drop down lists are miserable because I can't get any keyboard shortcuts to work. I am stuck with the mouse.


If you go to the main vocabulary section on the top and click the vocabulary practice, you will see the duo owl always gives you a little speed tip... so some of these are for example: control + space bar to repeat the voice, up and down arrows for the drop down lists, type the first letter of your choice for the el or la box, type the number you want for the list of choices, Enter to move to the next question... Anyway those are off the top of my head. My advice is go to the Vocab and check out the owl for yourself :)


and i am still trying to figure out how i can write special characters on my keyboard....


Any time you would need an umlaut, just type the letter with an "e" after it. This is how Germans type if they aren't at a standard keyboard. Duolingo accepts it fine.

So: Maedchen, Loeffel, etc.

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