"A healthy life"

Translation:Sağlıklı bir hayat

August 30, 2015

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Could I deconstruct saglikli into sag (alive)+lik (-ness)+li ('with')? I've seen similar adjectives: gÜçlÜ 'strong' ('with strength'), farklI 'different' ('with difference'). Is this hunch right? Is this -lI suffix a remnant of the instrumental 'case'? Can I use it to create other adjectives?


It isn't really the instrumental case, as it is a little more abstract and has 4-way vowel harmony. I forget what the suffix is in Kazakh, but I am pretty sure that these two (-(y)lA and -lI) developed separately :)

It is simply a suffix used to make nouns into adjectives :)


Ok, thank you for responding quickly; and for the interesting linguistic insight :)

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