"Ingo por kandelo estas kandelingo."

Translation:A holder for a candle is a candle holder.

August 30, 2015

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Traduki tiajn frazojn montras kiom mi ne scipovas de la angla :-(


No one uses the term 'candle holder', do they? Isn't 'candlestick' a better translation of kandelingo?


I would say 'candle holder' for a small one, e.g. the cup that holds a tea light, and candlestick for the tall ones that hold tapers.

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    What would "candelabra" be in Esperanto?


    PIV gives kandelabro = Luksa plurbrancxa kandelingo.


    Ingo por duolo estas duolingo. Ĉu ne? XD Nu, kio estas duolo mi scivolas...


    Does "ingo" really mean "holder"? Isn't it more of a socket?


    Indeed, it has both meaning. ReVo ( http://www.reta-vortaro.de/cgi-bin/sercxu.pl?sercxata=ingokadroj=1 ) gives this definition: Objekto, kiu servas por surkovri, ŝirmi alian objekton parte enigitan en ĝi (object which is used to cover, shelter, … another object partly plugged in it).

    In general, Esperanto compounding words (all these two or three letters words whose goal is clearly to be used compounded with others) are quite vague in meaning: it’s their attached word which gives most of it ☺


    So, "lumingo" would be a light-socket?


    Technically, a light socket is not a socket for light, but for a light bulb. Personally, I would like to think that Esperanto employs a more direct, less idiomatic approach, and translates it accordingly as "ampolingo", rather than "lumingo", and I think "ampolingo" is indeed the common term.


    Ok, I'm a bit embarrassed. Thanks, you are so right. I've never screwed light into a light socket. That explains why I can't find "lumingo" in my dictionary. Thanks for the 'ampolingo'.


    You're welcome, and no need to be embarrassed: We are all trapped within the confines laid on our thought by our mother tongues. Escaping them is a worthy challenge (and part of what makes learning a foreign language so interesting).


    Dankon, MartinShadock, la afero estas iom pli klara nun :-)


    This is interesting, how to say a candle holder in English?

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