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Features in Esperanto

Hello all, I was just wondering if "Words" and "Immersion" are upcoming features for the Esperanto course, they were extremely helpful in my German learning and I'd like to be able to put them to use in Eo now that I'm almost done with my tree!

August 30, 2015



Unfortunately, the Immersion feature has taken a big step down in the later years. There are no plans (that I know of) of implementing Immersion, or the Words tab, for the other languages. Fortunately, though, I found a method to see your Words tab on Esperanto (it actually works on any language)


Hmm thanks for the tip, I'll try that. Too bad about the immersion, that's one of my favorite parts of duolingo.


Why are they dropping Words? Words is a great feature!


Another alternative for the "Words" is to use the Duolingo Esperanto course on Memrise. I'm using both Duolingo and Memrise, since as I get higher up the tree, the more words I need to memorise.

When I go back to Italian I'll be doing the same thing.

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