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Student progress emails

When should I expect to receive an email telling me what my students have done in the past week? I signed up a fake student to my classroom almost 2 weeks ago, but all of my real students have started signing up in the past 6 days. I know I can view their progress in the dashboard, but I was hoping the email would make it a little easier to see what was completed this week. Thanks, Carrie H.

August 31, 2015


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I share progress with myself (ie. have myself as a student) and I always get progress emails at midnight as Sunday rolls into Monday, so I would expect them to hit your inbox tonight. If you've completed any work on your fake student account, have you had any emailed progress reports come through at that time?


I didn't get an email :( I checked my spam box too, but I've gotten an email every time a student has joined my class, so it should go to my inbox.


We're looking into this!


Hi again, we found a bug in our email system and will make sure that it's fixed for next week's emails! Sorry that we couldn't get an email out to you this week. :(

In the meantime, you may want to check out the CSV export feature in the "Activity details" tab - you can export your students' activity for a single week or for the entire time they have been using Duolingo. It's not quite as detailed as the weekly email, but it may come in handy anyways.


I'm glad it's fixed! I'll let you know if I don't get an email. I've been looking at the course progress tab (I think that's' the name) and am able to see what my students have completed. It's been crazy anyway because many of them didn't click the link to join my class; so I've been calling them up during work time and having them get to the right spot. Thanks!


I successfully received emails for 2 weeks, but then didn't get one this week :(


The current CSV file has 8 columns: Full name, User name, email, classroom, days active, lessons, course progress (# of Skills), and XPs. It does not list the student's Level. Can you add this new column. Can you add the Student's Level to the CSV file?

From the student's page: English - Level 16 Next level: 1207 XPTotal XP: 9293 XP Italian - Level 9 Next level: 41 XPTotal XP: 2209 XP


Hi all, we're currently experiencing issues with our emails - we're working on a fix and will let you know when sending emails has resumed. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Progress emails are going out now! This will take a couple of hours, but definitely let us know if you haven't received yours by the evening.

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