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  5. "Yo no lo haría."

"Yo no lo haría."

Translation:I would not do it.

August 31, 2015



Buenos dias, Conditional Tense.


Sounds like habia


How do we say "would" in a context that is (I think) not conditional. E.g. 'DL asked me to jump off the bridge, but I would not do it?' Do we still use the conditional?


Yes, you would still use the conditional because that sentence uses the conditional. In your sentence, the conditional is "would do," so you would take the conditional mood of the verb "to do" in Spanish, which is «hacer»: «haría». There is another type of "would" used for imperfect in English. "Back in those days, we would do our homework so diligently." This is a repeated action in the past, so you would use the imperfect of the indicative mood of «hacer», which would be «hacíamos».


Thank you for a) clarifying the conditional nature of my example and b) understanding and answering the question I meant to ask. Have a lingot!


You're very welcome and thank you! :)

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I got a similar exercise in a slightly different form in this same section. I put "I wouldn't do it". It was counted wrong showing "I would not do it" as the answer. This exercise accepted "I wouldn't do it. So an exercise like this in this section has an error.


If you come across it again remember to report it. Sometimes the contractions aren't included in the list of correct responses.


yo no lo haria, yo lo compraria.


They marked me down for not putting a capital i - very unusual

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