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  5. "The boy spells new words."

"The boy spells new words."

Translation:Litríonn an buachaill focail nua.

August 31, 2015



Is there a difference in pronunciation between focal and focail?


Yes. This is focal and this is focail

As usual, there are differences in the dialects - Connemara doesn't say focail at all, apparently, but you can hear the difference clearly in the Munster pronunciation, and it's not as clear for Ulster (possibly because it sounds like two different people were used).


You're right - Connemara doesn't use focail at all. Nor do they use others like Leabhair or Capaill, preferring instead focla, leabhra and caiple


Could you post those links again without hiding them under a hyperlink, so they'll be useable in the app?

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