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  5. "Hunder skriver ikke aviser."

"Hunder skriver ikke aviser."

Translation:Dogs do not write newspapers.

August 31, 2015



I've heard several words of praise from students from parallel universes.


[Citation needed]


All my life I thought dogs wrote newspapers. I thought that their little paws typed out every story of murders and terrorism, and that the dogs would be up all night thinking about the stories they typed that day, making them depressed. Now that I know that dogs do not write newspapers, my life has absolutely changed.


Facts, facts eveywhere


Yeah, they write blogs. On the internet no one knows you're a dog.


This is the basis for Dog with a Blog


Some of these sentences are comical, but I'm learning nonetheless.


I saw one yesterday that was 'the wolf is eating her'. I thought hey if I ever see a wolf eating a woman in Norway, at least I'll be able to tell someone xD


I saw "ulven spiser meg", good sentence to say to the 911

[deactivated user]

    Those sentences are the ones that stick to the mind the best.


    Funny fact: cats neither...


    Duolingo is so informational.


    the more you know...less you dont know :D


    Ah, you only think that because you humans are so egocentric. As a mole I can read what the weather is likely to do, where the worms are, what threats lie in my territory and I leave messages for all the creatures passing through. I guess too that the news coming in via a dog's nose is likely more reliable than that coming off the print run!


    Very useful sentence for my future norwegian trip!


    Obviously Duo doesn't read Spanish newspapers. I'm sure only dogs could write like that.


    this is fantastic


    That is exactly what the dogs want you to think!


    Very slowly, how do you pronounce "Hunder skriver"? Something happens to the "d" in hunder and the "s" in skriver, but I can't really pick up what.


    The 'd' in "hunder" is silent, or close to it.

    The 'sh' sound you're hearing at the beginning of "skriver" sounds like that because it's following an 'r'.

    [deactivated user]

      I feel so weird telling any Norwegian person my name, because I always think "they probably think it starts with a 'sh'-sound, instead of an S and since I'm a foreigner, who knows what people might make of a foreign name, if the name doesn't exist in Norwegian", since it's "Jeg heter...".


      Wouldn't it b wrong if u use the S sound instead in the first of a such a word following an r?


      How could this be?! All through my life, I thought dogs wrote every newspaper that was made. I thought dogs got the newspaper to show off the other dogs' hard work! My life is all a lie! dramatic fall and sigh


      yeah right! Haven't you seen Daily dog? Of course dogs don't write newspapers!


      Well, if they did, then the cats would have to read them. Elsewhere Duolingo points out that cats do not read newspapers, therefore the dogs don't write them: QED.

      [deactivated user]

        Sounds like some real conspiracy theory material


        They don't!! My dreams are crushed!


        Norwegians here should agree that a lot of your words sound similar to foreigners. With a bot that pronounces hunder as "hunr", it was insanely difficult to decipher what the hell she was saying.

        I thought it was cool that duolingo used silly sentences because it helps you remember it better, but now I'm finding it a drag. I had to listen to this clip 7 times, trying to figure out what she was saying. Going through words in my head to see what it could be. Only to find out it was a nonsensical sentence. Yeah I might have to one day explain to someone that dogs don't write newspapers, but for a beginner I would like to be able to learn the language without having to learn it through getting it wrong because duolingo wants to be 'top kek'. :/


        Egently kan hunder skrive noe. :p


        Wow...I had no idea


        Guinness the Jack Russell terrier does. Quite well, too.


        they may not write newspapers, but they can learn Norwegian


        Maybe not in norway..


        Who would have thought...All this time I thought dogs brought their owner's the newspapers to show their owners what good boys they had been...


        I got as far as "Hunder skriver" before I broke down laughing. Duo still accepted it.


        But...my dog works on the Daily Prophet!

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