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Focal is Fuaim: Irish listening practise

I know that coming to understand the relationship between how Irish words sound and how they are spelled is one of the big challenges for beginners so I thought I should link to this resource.

Tuairisc.ie publishes a column called Focal is Fuaim (Word and Sound) where they get Irish-language poets and writers to read extracts from their works. The content will be above a beginner level (it is literature after all) but the recordings are very clear, usually spoken quite slowly and often just sound beautiful. There's written text for every sound file so you can read and listen at the same time. It's an excellent way to associate sounds and spellings in my opinion.

Even for more experienced learners, having both audio files and texts together presents a great opportunity to refine your pronunciation or practise transcribing the audio.

Have a look here.

August 31, 2015



go raibh maith agat :-)


GMMA! That's a fantastic site. Music to my ears, even if I don't know all the words.


Go raibh míle maith agat! Another tool in the box.


Thanks. I'll listen in.

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