"I am sorry if I am bothering you."

Translation:Mi bedaŭras, se mi ĝenas vin.

August 31, 2015

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Could someone please explain to me why it's not "ĝenus"?

This feels like one of those things that's straightforward in English but not so much in Esperanto. It's not certain whether you're bothering the person or not, but I guess the implication is that you probably are. Is that why?

EDIT: Just saw the answer to this in a different discussion about the same sentence. Per @jxetkubo:

You want to apologize for something that really happens (or perhaps not), not for something that could happen under some circumstances. And if you really want to speculate like this it would be: Mi bedaŭrus …


Would "Pardonon, se mi maltrankviligas vin" mean the same or something a bit different?


It would be more like "Excuse me if I am worrying you" or perhaps "...if I am making you nervous".

Not the same as "bother" which could mean things such as "being too loud" or "being in the way".

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