"I left with my new friends."

Translation:D'imigh mé le mo chairde nua.

August 31, 2015

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What is the difference between "fág" and "imigh"?


I would say *d'imigh" is more used in the sense of 'leave' as 'go away'


To me, 'imigh' concentrates on the place left and exiting it; 'fán' on the act of leaving to go somewhere else. But An Foclóir Beag defines one using the other and vice-versa...


When I enter d'imigh as solution this exercise marks it wrong and says I have to put d'imíos instead. Is this a mistake in the solution or is d'imíos also correct?


I got the same thing?


When you submit a wrong answer, Duolingo compares the answer that you submitted with the list of alternative answers, and presents that one that is closest to the answer that you entered.

d'imíos is the analytic form of d'imigh mé, mainly used in Munster Irish. It has been included as an acceptable answer for people who have learned the Munster dialect of Irish, but it only causes confusion for other learners when it is presented as the right answer, you should have been shown D'imigh mé le mo chairde nua.


That is what I did put for the answer D'imigh mé le mo chairde nua and it marked it wrong. I reported it.

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