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what is discard in spanish I thought it was descartar and it was tirar explain plz

3 years ago



Per my dcitionary (and yours, probably) descartar means discard when playing cards. The most common meaning is to reject, rule out. tirar means to throw, throw out

3 years ago


From SpanishDict:

Descartar is to discard a plan, proposal or possibility. Desechar is to discard a thing or person. Tirar can mean to throw something away.

3 years ago

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descartar - tr. y prnl. Desechar, rechazar, no contar con algo o alguien

dismiss or reject.

Here are some synonyms: desechar, eliminar, prescindir, suprimir, repudiar, recusar, excluir

Tirar has many meanings (20+), one of them is to shoot! - tr. Disparar con un arma de fuego:

If you hear the word tirar in a rap song, they may be talking about a diss.

3 years ago


"descartar" in spanish is used, when you have many options and you choose one, you are "descartando" the other ones

3 years ago