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  5. "The man and the woman"

"The man and the woman"

Translation:Mannen og kvinnen

August 31, 2015



Shouldn't "en mann og ei kvinne" be also correct?


that would be a man and a woman, not the man and the woman


This lesson is for Definitive form


Bokmål - Mannen og kvinnen/kvinna.
Nynorsk - Mannen og kvinna.


wouldn't et mann og et kvinne be correct as well?


No. First of all, the indefinite article "et" is only used with neuter nouns.

"En mann" is a masculine noun, and "en/ei kvinne" is a feminine noun. Feminine nouns may be declined as if they were masculine, which is why the feminine "kvinne" can take the masculine indefinite article "en".

Secondly, those are indefinite forms (even if incorrect ones), and the above sentence calls for the definite forms "mannen" and "kvinnen".

a man = en mann (indefinite)
the man = mannen (definite)


"mannen og kvinna" is accepted too, and sounds better IMHO :)


It may sound better to you, but beware that it's much less common in writing.


By the way (sorry for OT), it would be great if there were cards for Duolingo Norwegian course in Tinycards similar to those for other, more popular languages (like German or even Swedish) - structured as one course with decks of cards for each lesson, and, even more importantly, with pronunciation.


Yes, I got that. Just trying to breath some live into the discussion. I mean, Italian and German courses are much more lively, and I'd love to see Norwegian course more like that too.


French too,but I like that Norwegian is kinda calm :) Though some memes here and there wouldn't hurt anyone

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