Am I mistaken or dualingo is? (Problem with plural adjectives)

I got this exercise:

Translate this sentence: The men are rich and calm

So I type: "Les hommes sont richS et calmS"

But it says me that I should have typed "richES et calmES"

So I'm confused, am I mistaken or duolingo is? Because I know for sure noir/noirS (masc) noirE/noirES (femm)

So the point is, exercise asking for a translation of adjectives masc. plural (relative to The men {les hommes}) should have as a translation noirs. Not noires! That's why I typed calms, and not calmes.

So why the suggested correction wants me to use the female plural of the adjective? Why calmES instead of calmS? I'm really confused help me Please

3 years ago

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You are right about noir. But the thing is that there are some adjectives that don't have two different forms. Calme and riche are in this group. You use calme and riche for masculin and also for feminin gender.

3 years ago
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