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"Ik heb drie zussen en geen broers."

Translation:I have three sisters and no brothers.

August 31, 2015



Can anyone help me how to pronounce " broers" ?


The IPA of broer is /bruːr/ which would be pronounced similar to (broor) or (brewer)


In the Catholic Mass, I thought it was something like "Broedern en Zustern". Are those just older forms? Or are both used?


I am wondering why the plural form of a noun is needed if you say that you have none of it (geen broers) . In French, for example, it would be considered a mistake if you used the plural in this same example (je n'ai pas de frère, or, je n'ai aucun frère). I am puzzled...


In English you would usually only use the plural 'I don't have any brothers.'/'I have no brothers.' and almost never 'I don't have a brother.'/'I have no brother.' Unless it is something that is assumed to be in the singular, like 'I have no father.'

I am thinking something similar applies here.


Could you please tell me why is "I have three sisters and not any brother(s)" wrong? It does seem to be perfect but shouldn't it be acceptable?


I also used that exact answer, like you, I think it is literally correct. But as a native USA English speaker, it did seem awkward- to me it sounds like an intermediate language learner being too wordy. Perhaps that phrasing should remain incorrect simply for that reason, "... and no brothers" is what I would say (if I wished to lie about how many brothers I actually have.... )

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