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"Ni havis sonĝon pri la beleco de la maro."

Translation:We had a dream about the beauty of the sea.

August 31, 2015



Ni? Du homoj havis la saman sonĝon?


Mi venis por doni la saman demandon. Havu lingoton.


Sonĝoj pri la maro estas profunda, kiel la maro estas profunda.


Is sonĝi the same as revi?


sonĝi—to dream while sleeping.
revi—to dream about an imagined future.

So, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech is called "Revon havas mi" in Esperanto, not "Sonĝon havas mi".

  • 1707

Ĉu beleco havas la sama signifo ke belo?

Has beleco the same meaning as belo?


Not exactly. The -ec- affix means something like "the concept of" or "the quality of" or "the state of".

Belo and beleco can both be translated into English as "beauty" but belo is like a beautiful thing or the abstract idea of beauty, and beleco is like beautifulness, the quality of beauty.

There is some useful explanations of -ec- here: https://adventuresinesperanto.wordpress.com/tag/affixec/

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