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General suggestions for improvements to Duolingo I

I coordinate foreign languages at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the U of Delaware and offer German courses in which students at all levels can acquire German. To this end I have been exploring Duolingo for several Weeks, keeping notes on my suggestions for improvement both for the program in general and for various specific aspects of the German course. To whom should I send an detailed summary of my comments?

I do think Duolingo can be valuable as either a voluntary or required adjunct to a foreign language course using either the tradtitional methodology or Stephen Kraschen's acquisition approach via Comprehensible Input. My suggestions are in line with that.

August 31, 2015



You can post them on the forums.

On the general forum for the general remarks/ideas of improvements.
On the course dedicated forum for remarks/ideas of improvements for a given course.


If you are an educator and you have suggestions for Duolingo for Schools, you can post in this forum (for comments from other educators) where we always look for more ideas and suggestions. You can also email school-related suggestions to teachers@duolingo.com :]


I don't know exactly if there is one place to send that kind of sugestion but i think you could contribute through the incubator. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/de/en/status


Learning French right now... In your desktop app you have a Words section... It would be real helpful to not only list the meaning beside the word, a popup hint box would work too, and a play button to listen to how the word is pronounced... ALSO, if you do click on a word to learn more about it, a forward and back button set would be nice so that you could go through the list of words more quickly... kind of like using flash cards. One thing that I think this site lacks is a good study guide to learning phonetics. Something you could refer back to from time to time... Hope you are still watching this discussion... Thank you ;-)

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