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"They found the correct entrance, but afterwards lost their way."

Translation:Ili trovis la ĝustan enirejon, sed perdis poste la vojon.

August 31, 2015



Hey guys. This was my last question of the tree! If you finished the tree as well, congrats! It's been quite the journey. Thanks Esperanto team and Duolingo.


Can someone explain to me why "sed perdis poste ilian vojon" is wrong? I think I've gotten things like this wrong before, and don't understand why it must be replaced by sian.


OK, so I was wondering this too. Here's Ivy Kellerman on the topic, from her Complete Grammar of Esperanto:

"42. Since there is a special reflexive pronoun of the third person, the third personal pronouns, li, ŝi, ĝi, ili, when used otherwise than as subjects, never refer to the subject of the verb, but always to some other person or thing"

So keeping track of the subject of the current verb is important. Note in particular that nouns that follow prepositions cannot be the subject of the verb.


Why isn't "sed perdis poste sian vojon" accepted?


Good question, sed mi tro ne scias la respondon... Cxu vi povas diri al mi kiam vi havas la gxustan respondon?


Yes; I just tried that.

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