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  5. "Quanto dura la cena?"

"Quanto dura la cena?"

Translation:How long does the dinner last?

October 29, 2013



Is the following not a good translation? "How long does the dinner take?"

Thank you!


Yes, that's what I wrote too. I reported it.


I would say that "the dinner" in this case is a bit awkward. Although possible, you would most likely just say dinner in this case.


I think i'd use "volerci" instead:

  • quanto ci vuole la cena?


Quanto ci vuole per la cena


I think if you ask "how long does the dinner take" it means how long does it take to be ready to eat; but the verb durare is asking for the time the dinner will last. I don't know if I'm being clear enough.


I wrote 'how long is dinner' and move along with my heart intact :-D


Why are they using the masculine Quanto instead of Quanta dura la cena?


Because quanto in this case is a pronoun, if you used it as an adjective the phrase would have been quanto tempo dura la cena?


Still not clear, and I believe the previous writer wasn't also... as to WHY Not QuantA. We know that a pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun. ex: Erik is strong, he is very strong. So how is Quanto=When/How Long a pronoun? It's not taking the place of the noun - dinner - or... la cena.
I thought that words like Quanto/a... Quello/a... took the same ending as the noun in the sentence. So la cena...seems like QuantA would take an A.
Can we have it explained a bit more? According to your other example ... quanto tempo dura la cena... It still isn't taking an A ending? That's confusing to us who remember the o/a... ending rules. Grazie


Quanto can have an -a ending only if it is an adjective or pronoun referring to a feminine noun. In this sentence (and my example) quanto refers to tempo, which is a masculine noun.


how goes on for long the dinner? is it stupid to say?


"How long does the dinner go [on] [for]" would be fine, but "how goes on for long the dinner" is not English.


I would say that does not make any sense.


Not if you are Yoda. But it is not fluent or elegant to construct it that way in English, no.


Why isnt this sentence "how hard is the dinner?"


While "dura" does mean tough/hard it can also indicate length or duration, as in this case.


I think it is a case of adjective (if that is what it is called) vs. verb (dura= hard, though; durare= taking a certain amount of time).


Im beggining to think they make it up as they go along. Just when I think I'M GETTING it, I fall to peices.


That would be Quanto รจ dura la cena?


How long lasts dinner? Why is it wrong?

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