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  5. золоте дерево :)


золоте дерево :)

So there goes my 2nd finished tree in 76 days and it's the Ukrainian one. I had much fun with this course, I feel that it did help me enter the Slavic world. Only real problem I encountered was spelling numbers. Oh my, that was frustrating and still is. Still can't understand what it is that I am not doing right.

The tree is rather small and the sentences are not really complex, so now I'm heading to beginner podcasts. Granted, the course really helps with reading and listening and internalizing structure and crucial vocabulary as I feel that I am now at a point where I can pick up other things fast by working with random resources. My reading fluency improved towards the last checkpoint so I urge you guys to be patient and hang in there. It will come.

My suggestions would be: a better variation of sentences (too many це-sentences in there), more verb vocabulary and some more feedback about verb tenses and voices (conjugation tables?)

But it is a nice little entry course as it is :) до побачення!

August 31, 2015



Congratulations :)


I'm glad there's a Ukrainian course on Duolingo but there's a lot wrong with the course. Plus, it seems like they only did half a course.

I really hope it gets cleaned up and the contributors add topics to make it comparable to the other courses on Duolingo. Hopefully they just wanted to get something out there for users to start learning with and will complete a new tree through the tree versioning feature Duolingo provides contributors.


Congratulations and have fun with your new skill)


Congratulations! Вітаю! (I'm learning Ukrainian too, but my Ukrainian is really poor, I'm a beginner)


Congratulations, it is a beaultiful language

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