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  5. "Who is eating the fruit?"

"Who is eating the fruit?"

Translation:Hvem spiser frukten?

August 31, 2015



Could "Hvem spiser frukten?" also be translated as:

  • Who is the fruit eating?


Technically, yes, but thankfully it's an unlikely scenario.


It probably could but i don't think a fruit could eat someone °<°


I thought it was "frukkten"?


No, there's only one 'k'.

The only times you'll find double consonants directly followed by a third consonant is in compound words, in verbs where the double consonant is needed to distinguish it from another verb ('viste' vs 'visste'), and before a genitive-s.


I am confused with "en" and "et" (I know about genders rule) but what about the subject, thing. Can't I saying "fruktet"?


No, a noun can't just change its gender :) 'frukt' is a strictly masculine noun, so the masculine form must always be used.

Feminine nouns are an exception, they can be inflected as either a masculine or a feminine noun, but you'll have to be consistent (you cannot change its gender in the middle of a text).

Then there are oddballs, nouns that can be all three genders, and some nouns that change meaning once you change its gender ('et plan' (a plane) vs 'en plan' (a plan)), so it's important to use genders correctly.


The correct solution is... Who is eating the fruit? I think there's a mistake


Why can't it be Spiser hvem frukt?

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