Class Size

I just started using Duolingo today for my classes. I have a class of 30, but I can only see 16 students. How can I fix this or is there a class size limit?

August 31, 2015


[deactivated user]

    It could be one of several things:

    1. Those students have not yet followed the link, created their account, etc.

    2. A glitch on your side. Try reloading the page.

    3. A glitch on Duolingo's side. Try contacting support by emailing:

    Happy learning!

    Hi! There should not be a limit, please make sure those students have all accepted your request: created accounts and allowed you to track them. They can check if they are being tracked by you here (they have to access this link while logged in through their own profiles). They can also enter your email and classroom name there manually if the link isn't working for some reason. Let us know if there are any issues after this. :]

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