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  5. "Es ist ein Menü."

"Es ist ein Menü."

Translation:It is a set meal.

January 2, 2013



menu should be speisekarte in german


I agree! germans say, "die Speisekarte."


That comes later on in further lessons.


This is a menu. Why it is not acceptable??


If the sentence had read "Das ist ein Menü.", that would have been just fine. However, translating "es" as "this" is a bit loose I think. Non-literal translations like that are perfectly fine when a strictly literal translation doesn't sound natural in the target language or doesn't convey exactly the same meaning, but "Es ist ein Menü." does actually translate perfectly literally into English (which is not really all that common), and should probably be left that way. If I were asked, I'd also say "Das ist ein Menü." was wrong in this case even though the gist of the translation is the same in either case.


Es = it not this.


Does Menü versus Speisekarte depend on the region? I seem to remember Speisekarte being used in Munich. It'd be nice to have notes on regional differences


I am from Berlin and we would use Speisekarte as well or just Karte. I am not aware that one would use Menü for that. Menü for me is either something like these McDonalds meals where you get a burger, fries and a drink for a discount price or in "fancy" restaurants where you buy a Menü and it consists of several dishes like salad than soup than main meal than dessert. And last but not least a menu in a computer program is a Menü.


Menü is like what would be a combo meal in English


Could it be a more popular modern term from English. The same as "Hallo"?


It would be very confusing and useless....general German is enough....people never learn regional language until they live there


Es ist ein Menü. - i typed 'It is a menu'. Mine was accepted but duolingo translated " It is a set meal". Im a little confused?


I believe this is an alternate translation, in the sense Menü can be a pre-established many-course meal.


Actually, that is the only sensible translation, it is just that some places like McDonalds use "menu" to mean a set course meal. "Menü" never means "Speisekarte", it is always a set course meal.


Consider what would be called a combo meal, burger fried potatoes and drink as Menü


In McDonalds, 'ein Menu' is what they call a package of food + drink etc. So could I also translate this as 'it is a set meal'?


Combo meal. Predetermined meal. The food given to kids in school or a meal from mcdonalds. Most meals at restaurants that are not a la carte as well


That's a menu? Warum nicht?


Because that would be "Das ist eine Speisekarte".


I am not that fluent in German, but i want to go over there and work. Your comments are helping me a lot.


It says 'another transalation: the meal is set' can someone please tell me how?


I have a question. Are es, er, and sie referring to grammatical gender, or actual gender?


Gramatical gender. But this sentence structure has "es" regardless of the gender of object being referred to. Like you can say "it is a boy" and "he is a boy" in English depending on the context.


i still don't get it. I have issues understanding what accusative case means. "Es ist ein Menü" i wrote this is an menu instead of this is a menu. or is ein menu in this case nominative? if thats so, could someone please explain?? i don´t get how to differentiate them :(

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@anitadlmar : Use accusative case when movement is implied, and use dative case when a place is implied.

Accusative: Where to? Dative: Where?

Hope this helps.


The use of "an" and "a" in English depends on the first sound of the next word. ("An" before vowel sounds, "a" before consonants.) It is never going to be "an menu". "Es" is always "it". So "It is a menu" not "This is a menu". ("This is a menu" would be "Das ist ein Menü", which is also "That is a menu".)

The accusative case is the object of the verb, the thing that is acted upon. This is a sentence with the verb "to be", there is no accusative case here. "It" and "a menu" are both nominative (subject) case. That does not change the way you translate "ein" from German to English.


It's a little funny, I always mix the words, like "Die woman isst an Apfel" xD, I'm brasilian and also learn English, so I've swapped some words.


Ugh I learn German and now I can barely talk and right in english lol


I got it wroung i put it is a menu.


I've never heard of a set meal


"The Big Mac menu" you order at McDonalds is a set meal.


In America, there is no such thing as "ordering a menu" (unless you are actually purchasing a card with a list of items!). Menu is pretty exclusively used as the chart that tells you what items to order. If you are ordering a specific pre-defined set of items, that is sometimes referred to as a "meal" (though usually only at fast food places). Typically, if you are ordering a set of food items at a nicer restaurant, they tend to use some other phrase to describe it (often borrowing the French phrase "prix fixe").


That's why personally I would never translate "menu" as "Menü", and always as "Speisekarte" instead, since a Menü in German is exactly the opposite: always a pre-defined set of items (ie a meal) and never a chart.


Makes perfect sense to me!


It is a menu farther than one menu


"set meal"? What does that even mean?


What on earth? Last time I got this, it said the translation was meal, but I tried that this time and it said that was wrong and that the answer was menu


"It is a meal" considered wrong. Why?


Oh thanks! That's VERY helpful. Sometimes it says to remember those, and I couldn't!


"It is a set meal" what is that? Seems too complitated to deacribe a menu.


So what I get is that "Menü" is a set group of items purchased together. Eg McDonalds Combo, full course meal, lunch special, or a computer game menu.

Speisekarte or "Karte" would be a menu or a list of available food and beverage.

We also have "a la carte" borrowed from french, where servers walk around with carts of food and write down what you eat on a card. What would you call that in Deutsche? Would you translate the phrase directly or would there be a specific word or phrase?


I should have gotten it right


For a month this app has told me that Menü is 'set meal' and Speisekarte is 'menu'. Now suddenly here Menü is 'menu'. Not happy.

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