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Verb infinitive form for Spanish word review

When a new verb is introduced in a Spanish lesson, you can click on the verb and see its infinitive form (at the top) and it's conjugations (in a table below). This is great. However, when you review your learned words using the Words tab at the top of the site, each conjugation of a verb is counted as a separate word, which seems a bit like cheating. Worse, though, when you click on a verb in the list, you can get more info, which again lists the conjugations for you in a table but at the top, rather than the infinitive form, the particular form you clicked on is displayed. It would be much more helpful to have the infinitive form, particularly, because (at least early on) we almost never get to see that form (so, I really know now that soy is the first person form of the English verb "to be", but I still have a hard time remembering that the infinitive form is ser). I'd love to see more infinitives in the lessons, flashcards and timed practice, and I'd love to see the infinitive form listed for the words in the review list. Anyone know how to make this happen? Should I be posting this somewhere else?

2 years ago

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There are two infinitive skills coming up later in your tree.

2 years ago