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  5. "Jeg kjøper et rosa laken."

"Jeg kjøper et rosa laken."

Translation:I am buying a pink bed sheet.

August 31, 2015



In Sweden this phrase is a silly joke for kids that are learning English. Is it the same in Norwegian?


I'm noticing in all of these examples that only the singular "et laken" seems to be used. Is "lakenene" commonly used? As in, "Ring hotellpiken. Lakenene til den sengen er skitne." Or is it more common to use "sengetoy"?


Hmmm... That's really weird. I was obviously thinking of 'bedclothes'. Sorry! I was definitely wrong


My computer auto corrects to bedsheets, so I get this wrong so often :(


This is not a big deal, but if one writes "bed sheet" instead of "bedsheet" in the translation, Duo will say that "you have an extra space" but still accept it, whereas with some other sentences (such as "Lakenet er hvitt") both spellings are just accepted without such a message. I don't know if there is a preferred spelling or if it is different between American and British English, but Duo doesn't seem very consistent himself ^~^

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