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"Ŝi kutimis skribi al mi unu fojon semajne."

Translation:She was accustomed to writing to me once a week.

September 1, 2015


  • accustomed to writing


Isn't "she used to" also valid?


It should be. I used it for another sentence and it was accepted.


Should "She was accustomed to write me once a week" be accepted?


Kial fojon anstataŭ fojo?


The accusative here is used to indicate time/measurement. Examples:

Mi venos lundon = I will arrive on Monday. →accusative indicates a moment in time rather than just the day ‘Monday’.
Ŝi faris tion tri fojojn = She did that thrice. →accusative indicates that the thing she did happened three times; i.e., it is a measurement.
Ŝi sukcesis la trian provon = She succeeded on the third try. →accusative indicates a point in time: when she tried for the third time, she succeeded.
La tablo estas unu metron longa = The table is one meter long. →accusative indicates the length of the table, i.e., it is a measurement. Had we forgone the accusative, then we would get the very odd sentence: La tablo estas unu metro longa = The table is a long meter. (Because metro longa = longa metro = a long meter.)

I hope this helps!


Is weekly wrong? Thanks


"Unuafoje semajne"? Or "Unufojsemajne"?


The former, but without the a: unufoje. (I reckon that was a typo.)

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