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I've met a Swedish native to talk to. Also, I've inspired him by doing Duolingo!


After I finished my Swedish tree, I knew I had to make my tree golden. But, what should I do to strengthen my Swedish vocabulary, grammar, and fluency? Speak to a native!

I made a post on Twitter about my Swedish studies and one of my followers, who happened to be a native of Sweden, commented on the post. I began to talk to him in Swedish casually. Eventually, I learned about his current language studies. So, I told him about Duolingo. He said that he would strengthen his French with Duolingo!

Today, he sent me a message. He said, "Thank you! You motivated me to study Japanese. It's that I've been studying Japanese for 2-3 years, I just haven't "studied". But when I heard about you learning such good Swedish in under a year, I decided 'let's do this'." This made me feel absolutely incredible. I knew that learning a new language would connect me to new people and cultures, but it also inspired someone to get back into learning another language as well! Thanks to Duolingo for this excellent opportunity of learning Swedish. Without Duolingo, I wouldn't have met this man and I wouldn't have this incredible story to share with you.

Tack så mycket, SwiftySlasher

September 1, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Wow! That's really inspired to me to keep on learning Swedish (as you can see, I'm still a beginner). Hopefully I can get more people to learn languages using Duolingo.


    I hope so too! If you ever need someone to talk to in order to strengthen your Swedish, feel free to talk to me!

    [deactivated user]

      Tack så mycket :) I can't get the extra letters on my keyboard though, can you help?

      (I copied and pasted the Swedish from your post because I can't get the character ;p)


      If you use an Apple computer, you can hold down the key and press a number to get an accent. But on any other computer, you cannot. On an iPhone, you can also hold down the letter and accents will appear.


      Nice story, luckily I have business Swedish course at school now, so I will learn there really good stuff.


      That's great, I should probably find a native to talk to, but to be honest I don't know what I would talk about.. haha


      You can talk about anything that you want to a native! One of the most interesting things to talk about is their way of life and cultures/customs.


      Cultures and customs is a good topic, especially if you go to that country.

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