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  5. "Das Kind isst gern Reis."


"Das Kind isst gern Reis."

January 2, 2013



Is "The child eats rice with pleasure" really wrong? What about "The child likes to eat rice?"


If I had been asked to translate it, I would have gone with "The child likes to eat rice." "The child eats rice with pleasure" seems a little loose to me, but I could go with that. Ironically, the thing I can't go with is "The child is eating rice willingly." and that seems to be the "correct" answer. That seems like too much of a stretch to me. Eating it willingly doesn't mean he necessarily likes it, but the original German version does mean that he likes it.


"gern" is correct, but "gerne" isn't? Seems weird


Gladly? That isn't even one of the definitions. Yet 'happily' is, but that is wrong, apparently.

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