"He thinks mainly about his work."

Translation:Li pensas precipe pri sia laboro.

September 1, 2015

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what is the difference between ĉefe with precipe ?


I might be wrong, but my understanding is:

"cxefe" means 'mainly' in terms of "being a boss". "Cxefa menuo" - the main ('boss') menu (in the restaurant).

While 'precipe' means something like "most common" or "mostly"


I always thought precipe meant like, especially/overtly, not "mainly". For mainly I would use something more like cxefe or even normale based on the context of the entire sentence. The way I hear 'mainly' here in English means either 'most of the time', as is it is either his normal mode of thought or his most important thought in priority - like it is his chief thought. Not that it stood out as a special thought, which is how I feel precipe works.


What is the etymology of "precipe"?


Are you asking which language it was lifted from?

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