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learn harder

how to memorize the words when you cannot practice as a beginner with someone online.

is there online practice for beginners?

September 1, 2015



To learn a language, you need to review. A LOT.

Review your earlier skill sets, over and over.
Buy the timed practice and review under pressure.
Use a flashcard program like ANKI or Memrise to review and expand your vocabulary.

Also know that a little bit of review every day is better than a study marathon on the weekend.


Practice listening to conservations. Whether the conversations are from news interviews, news reports, radio broadcasts, telenovelas, etc. You also want to hear how people speak, what phrases they use often, and how they pronounce certain words.

Listen daily and pay attention to the words. Jot some down. Just remember, even though you'll learn a word like ballena, I doubt you will hear it often.

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