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Lessons should have more English to German translations

Using Duolingo has been great and it has allowed to me to begin learning languages I could not have otherwise. My experience with learning German is going well with one pestering exception. I feel the lessons have much too few English to German translations. With German to English translations, which there are plenty of, I am often able to use context to figure out vocabulary and do not have to worry so much about grammar. And all the German phrases I just reviewed are usually forgotten immediately after the lesson. However, an English to German translation would force me to think in German, test my grammar on things like conjugations and proper articles, and most likely store the vocabulary in my long-term memory. By thinking of and writing out the words myself I am truly learning them and will better remember them. However, these types of translations only appear once or twice over the course of many lessons. I feel this is a really big missed opportunity. As of now I could probably read or hear some simple German and understand it, but thinking of what to say or write in German myself is difficult. The current structuring of the lessons is missing half the learning experience. Again, I am really enjoying the course but just wanted to voice my thoughts for some feedback.

September 1, 2015



It's been pointed out many times. Apparently Duo wants it this way, because the easier lessons make more people stay and continue learning. People who want to practice the opposite direction often choose to do the reverse tree as well, that means for you to take English from German. You'll encounter more translations to German and some new phrases too.


I think people should be able to adjust the probability with which English/German sentences appear. At least in some reasonable range since you always need both directions if you want to learn a language. That shouldn't be such a huge difficulty from an IT point of view.


There will be more as you get further down your tree. If that is still not enough you can do the reverse course.


I've already passed the last checpoint and i have exactly the same feeling. There could be more english-german translation. but thanks to this I've started using memrise (official courses developed by Memrise). Personally I think those two work pretty well together.

There are probably a lot of better solutions for this problem, but I cannot spend my whole day studying German:)


As others have pointed out, doing the Reverse Tree ( German to English ) is the answer to your situation. There you will be forced to think in German as well as learning how Germans discuss the lessons with each other in their native language. However, you might want to consider finishing the lessons in the German for English speakers and turning your tree gold before embarking on the reverse.


I feel the same way. I have come pretty far in the German tree as well and I feel like there are even fewer things to translate now than in the beginning. I understand German now but I really wouldn't be able to hold much of a conversation.


You are right, that is why I am also doing the reverse tree (English for German speakers). The used vocabulary is not always the same, but at least they make you write more sentences in German.


After reading the replies in this topic I started the reverse tree. Now I get to translate from English to German! Very pleased with that. I will alternate with the German course to get more out of learning.


In hindsight, this may have been why I found the German tree easier to complete than the French one.


For the same reasons I took up the reverse tree about when I reached the second checkpoint in the "German For English speakers" course. Now, with both of them together, I am satisfied with level of challenge they present to get a good hold on German.


True, not enough english to german and sentence makers


A good way to remedy this would be to learn it backwards by doing the English from German tree.


How do I add the reverse tree?


They don't make it easy. This thread explains how in the web version :


In the iOS version : - click profile - click change next to the language you are currently in - click Add in the left top - scroll down past what you currently have avail and select the opposite. Eg "Unterrichtssprache: Deutsch" to have German be the start language. - select the language that's your native language

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