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"Mi volas la plejparton de la bovloj, ĉar duono de ili ne estas sufiĉa."

Translation:I want most of the bowls, because half of them is not enough.

September 1, 2015



Someday, I will hear this sentence and be able to translate it without having to replay it a thousand times to get through all the parts!


I suppose you are able by now :D


I almost got it right, but I said Ni.


Shouldn't "half of them" be "duono da ili"? I thought that "da" should be used with quantities.


Never da before la.

Since "ili" is standing in for "la bovloj", I would say that the la is still there, just hidden from view by the pronoun.


Edited because I'm being slightly clueless today.


Avoid speaking in the negative. "Half of them is insufficient" is a better form.

Mi volas la plejparton de la bovloj, ĉar duono de ili estas malsufiĉa.

Shorter phrases reduce processing and maximize understanding. Is "de ili" implicit in Esperanto as in English?

Mi volas la plejparton de la bovloj, ĉar duono estas malsufiĉa.

We can eliminate the copula in Esperanto; English, has no verb inverse of "suffice".

Mi volas la plejparton de la bovloj, ĉar duono malsufiĉas.

There's no style guide for Esperanto (yet); Strunk and White doesn't directly translate, and some rules differ. Punctuation rules can probably translate from English; whereas Esperanto requires "ke" in many places where English should omit "they".


i want most of the bowls because half of them are not sufficient


That...doesn't really make sense. You're saying that particular bowls are not sufficient?


It's not particular bowls, but the quantity, half of the total, that is not sufficient for some task.

Whatever the speaker is planning to do with all of these bowls, I'd sure like to know!


Maybe I should have clarified more.

[...] because half of them are not sufficient.

If the are were replaced with is, this would be a perfectly fine sentence, if a wee bit clunky-sounding. However, with the are in it, it sounds like the speaker is saying that particular bowls are not sufficient, as in, perhaps, they are tiny. Which doesn't make much sense.


Why do I want most of the bowls???????


ĉar duono de ili ne estas sufiĉa.

  • la plejparton de la bovloj

Could this also be written as:

  • la plejparton el la bovloj
  • la plejparton da la bovloj


I smoke two bowls in the morning I smoke to bowls at night...


Any reason why "I want the majority of bowls, because half of them is not sufficient." is wrong?


It probably needs to be "the bowls."


Any reason why "I want the major part of the bowls, because half of it is not enough" is not accepted?

[deactivated user]

    Various reasons, but mainly, it is not good English. Your sentence seems to mean "I want the major part of the bowls because half of the major part is not enough". However, the Esperanto sentence tells us that half of all the bowls is not enough.


    Is it me or sometimes is the answer already written for you?

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