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  5. "Do you eat corn?"

"Do you eat corn?"

Translation:Manges-tu des maïs ?

January 2, 2013



'mais' in French and 'corn' in English are mass nouns (like 'sugar', i.e. they don't have a plural form). Therefore, the best answer would be 'mange-tu du mais'. 'mange-tu le mais' is also ok, but mange-tu des mais is simply ungrammatical. this is a bug and needs to be fixed.


how "du mais" and "des mais" are both correct - is "mais" singular and plural?


I assume it's similar to corn in english. You could eat "a corn" - a baby corn, or a corn on the cob, where it makes some sense to think of it singularly - or you could eat "some corn" - loose kernels, perhaps, where you'd think of it more by a portion rather than individually.


For the multiple choice question I only picked "Manges-tu des maïs?", but "mangez-vous le maïs?" is also listed as a translation of "do you eat corn?" which I am a bit confused about ... Perhaps the different meanings are more apparent in French?


Doesn't "le mais" mean "the corn"? How can it be the right answer?


No ideia. I think the correct answer would be without "le"

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