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  5. "Kokken har en kopp sukker."

"Kokken har en kopp sukker."

Translation:The cook has a cup of sugar.

September 1, 2015



I think this language is logical for my mind


Very mach alike in Dutch - "kop koffie" or in German - "Tasse Kaffee" - no"of" preposition!


In arabic as well, no prepositions.. In fact we say it exactly (even in pronounciation) like the sentence above


So does "kopp" mean a measuring cup as well as a regular cup that you drink out of?


It could refer to a measuring cup, but only in recipes translated from American English. In Norwegian recipes, the amount of sugar would be given in grams or decilitres.


"Sukker" means "sugar". Then, where's the preposition "of"?


You don't need that in Norwegian. You'd say "en kopp melk" or "et glass jus", but the preposition is often omitted. If you wanted to, you could say "en kopp med melk" or "et glass med jus", but it's not necessary to include it. In fact it would be unnatural and should be avoided.

This rule is mostly for cups and glasses, any other container would likely include 'med'.

[deactivated user]

    Oh mama...this language gets better and better !


    In Czech either. We need no prepositions.


    Why is cook correct and not chef in this one? In the previous exercises both were just fine


    The chef is an accepted translation for kokken. :0)

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