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  5. "I have no other friend."

"I have no other friend."

Translation:Ich habe keinen anderen Freund.

January 2, 2013



Is it always the case that you use the feminine form here?

My translation "Ich habe kein andere Freund" was rejected. Is that a mistake?


"Ich habe keinen anderen Freund." (accusative)


Ah, you're right. Thanks.


You're welcome :)

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I just had a fudge moment and wrote "kein anderer" (I know now it is totally wrong) and DL wrote: "In dative case, use "anderen" for masculine nouns like "Freund" " I think they got it wrong, since I too think this is accusative and should have used the correct form that you wrote. Going to report DL's fudge.


Why do you use "keinen" here? I thought the only accusative form of "kein" is "keine." Does it inflect for gender, too? If so, how? I don't see anything in the negatives summary that discusses inflection of keine for gender.


The masculine accusative form of "kein" is "keinen." It inflects like the indefinite article "ein" (masculine accusative "einen").

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