"Nesta saia"

Translation:In this skirt

January 2, 2013



"In this skirt" is perfectly natural in English. Notice there is no punctuation. Duolingo teaches you phrases like this occasionally which can be used in complete sentences later on, when you know more.

"She looks great in this skirt," "I found a sock stuck in this skirt," etc.


What does "in this skirt" mean in English?


exactly, I missed just about all the phrases in this section because they don't make sense!


only the sentence probably don't make sense but, depending on context, it can make sentence in english, yes...

(imagine two friends in a room with a lot of clothes on bed). friend 1 - there is a stain here. you have to wash it again. friend 2 - where? friend 1 - in this skirt.


Me "Are you going to the party in your blue dress?" You "No,I'm going in this skirt"


I get it, but I would probably say "on this skirt" there is a stain.


my english isn't perfect (I'm portuguese) but I'm almost 100% certain that "nesta" can be translated in both way: "in this" and "on this".


Yes, it would be "on" in that context. Grasping at straws here, I might say correctly, "I don't think I always look fat, just in this skirt."


Hugo_S, that is correct, the problem is that "on this skirt" gets marked wrong.

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