"La teamo ne sukcesis."

Translation:The team did not succeed.

September 1, 2015



Ah! There's a false friend with Spanish. Te amo mucho!

May 16, 2016


This seems terribly copied from English. Would Zamenhof call it "teamo"?

September 3, 2016


Would the translation

"The team did not win" be correct "

It is just that I have never said the sentence

"The team did not succeed"

which makes me wonder if succeed might also mean win.

September 1, 2015


Referring to Arsenal's champions league campaign 2015, Arsenal did win Bayern Munich 2-0 in the second leg, but failed to get onto the next round. So although they win, they did not succeed.


January 8, 2016


‘Succeed’ can be anything, like ‘score a goal’, so ‘winning’ and ‘succeeding’ aren't interchangeable in this sentence.

September 9, 2015


To give a concrete example of this in context:

"The coach told them to not let a single player through their defenses in the first 15 minutes, but the team did not succeed."

May 5, 2016


the team did not succeed at continuing to cheat by under-inflating footballs. There you go.

September 11, 2015


Do you know the difference between 'teamo' and 'skipo'?

March 17, 2016


According to the PIV dictionary at vortaro.net "skipo" means a team of people that work together at their job, and the primary meaning of "teamo" is a team of contestants in a game or competition. Although "teamo" also has a second definition, which is "skipo".

So in short, "skipo" is a team of professionals, and "teamo" is a broader term which can mean any team.

May 5, 2016
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