"I am Norwegian."

Translation:Jeg er norsk.

September 1, 2015

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If I was Norwegian I would not be learning Norwegian! Oh well it is just a sentence to learn.


This is to better recognize the sentence if you ever heard a Norwegian say it.


Are norsk and nordmann used interchangeably?


Also, is nordmann used of men only? So if there are women in a group of Norwegians you are referring to, would you still use this word?


Fveldig has already told me that nordmann (and the plural nordmenn) can be used for either gender.


Why do I hear norsk as norSHk, but englesk is just engelsk and not engelSHk


The letter r when combined with certain other letters trigger a phenomenon known as retroflex consonants. In the word "norsk", the r is followed by an s. The two sounds merge into a single sound: rs /ɾs/ > [ʂ]. Other combinations like this include rn /ɾn/ > [ɳ], rt /ɾt/ > [ʈ], and rl /ɾl/ > [ɭ]. :)


Is the "r" in "norsk" silent?


its kind of halfway silent.


Do you pronounce the r in norsk?

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    Not really, and this is because of internal sandhi and r coming before s which causes a retroflex change in both sounds. This means that r transforms into the retroflex approximant "ɻ" which is eventually dropped and s into the voiceless retroflex fricative "ʂ".

    Therefore, the correct IPA pronunciation is /nɔʂk/.

    Click here to familiarise yourself with IPA and its symbols. Our own shieldmaiden Deliciae has recorded her pronunciation on Forvo.


    Is norsk pronounced like 'nårsk'? Seems like the 'o' is not the 'oo' sound it should be.

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      å is pronounced as /ɔː/ while norsk is pronounced as /nɔʂk/.

      Notice the difference in length of the open-mid back rounded vowel denoted with a colon.

      P.S. There is a duplicate of your question.


      Is norsk pronounced like 'nårsk'? Seems like the 'o' is not pronounced like the 'oo' sound it should be.


      Jeg er guatemalteco.


      Wouldn't it be be "Jeg er Nordmenn"?

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