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"Das ist meine letzte Vorstellung."

Translation:This is my last show.

October 29, 2013



Why was: "That is my last introduction." rejected???


Considering no context is given, it should be acceptable. However, "that is my last introduction" sounds a bit odd


The first thing that crossed my mind was a blind date gone wrong. Is there a german phrase like that? I thought of the comment as a response to the following situation.

"Es ist eine Vorstellung die von einem Freund arrangiert wurde."


"Es ist eine Vorstellung die von einem Freund arrangiert wurde" definitely sounds like "It's a show that was arranged by a friend", and not about an introduction (in German). For an introduction between two people you'd rather say "Es ist ein Treffen, das von einem Freund arrangiert wurde."


Although on this page the translation is given as "This is my last show" when I wrongly translated "Vorstellung" as "impression", Duolingo gave as the correct answer "That is my last imagination." This seems even more odd to me than "my last introduction." I wondered if the context for such a translation would be at the last second preceding one's death. I have noticed that Duolingo frequently gives an incorrect response after I give an incorrect response. This doesn't help me learn from my mistakes, unfortunately.


Could "letzte" mean "latest" in addition to "last"? How do you distinguish between the two?


If you want to say that this is the most recent show (program), it's "meine neueste Show".


Difference between "Vorstellung" und "Idee"?


an "Idee" (=idea) is just what you have in your head. There are other words in German, like "Einfall" (~a sudden thought) or "Vorstellung" (= imagination), that cover parts of what you call an "Idee" which you sometimes can use synonymous. But "Vorstellung" has other meanings as well, like "presentation" or "show", that have nothing to do with an idea. It's just the same word for a different concept, so you have to look at the context which meanings makes sense.


DL's German sentence contains hardly any context to help us decide which of the various meanings of 'Vorstellung' would be the correct one to choose here, so there seems to be quite a number of meanings that would "make sense" here.


"Das ist meine letzte Vorstellung" can definitely not be understood as "this is my last idea", if that's what you mean. Sometimes, the sentence itself is context enough to decide which meaning is meant.


Although I wasn't specifically referring to what you've told Abuscato (and with which I agree), I have since realized that there actually is a glaringly obvious "context clue'' in DL's sentence: letzte. Lesson taken!


"That is my last imagination" is the example sentence I got. That's gibberish English.

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Yes, please report as unnatural english (available in the website version).


So "Vorstellung" gives me the impression of "putting something forward". I can see that in terms of introductions, where you might literally put someone out in front of you to introduce them. And I can see it as a show, where it's a production you present to viewers.

I'm not sure how that plays into "imagination" and "picture", though.


"This is my last vision"? (I think Duo itself suggest 'vision' as a meaning of Vorstellung...!)


I had same problem, not accepted now for some reason


Indeed. Vision was the translation in one of the other sentences. I'm not sure why it doesn't work in this context.


Why not Vorstellung as Impression?


I just got the suggestion "This is my last conception" from DL, which means nothing to me unless we're discussing pregnancies!


Some of the movies from the 1930's to 1940's had crystal ball gazers and stage acts with various "visions" for entertainment. This was fairly common in the Charlie Chan series. Is it possible for "That is my last vision" to be a correct answer here?


In terms of frequency, Vorstellung is often referring to the English word Idea. And it would work quite well in this sentence.


Couldn't you say 'that is my last appearance'?


Vision rather than show ?


Can this mean" this is my latest vision ." ?


Can we use "This is my last exhibition"?


    I also tried this, but on later consulting a dictionary I think I just got it confused with Ausstellung.


    I used exhibition (so similar to "show" or "presentation") but it was marked wrong.


    "This is my last show" was suggested by Duo in August 2017.

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