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  5. "En fløyte er intet leketøy!"

"En fløyte er intet leketøy!"

Translation:A flute is not a toy!

September 2, 2015



Is this maybe how Swedish ended up with "inte" instead of "ikke"?


Why is "intet" used here instead of "ikke"??


'intet' is used instead of 'ingen' for neuter nouns.

Alternatively you could use 'ikke': "En fløyte er ikke et leketøy".


Huh. I never knew that--maybe never even heard it while I was in Norway. Thanks!


Colloquially you might hear 'ingen leketøy', as I believe 'intet' is declining in use, but 'ikke et' would probably be the most common way of phrasing it. The purpose of this sentence is to teach 'intet', so while it's not an incorrect sentence, it's perhaps not the best sentence.


At band camp, it can be... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Intet is not that common these days, but i figure it translates to something in the line of;"a flute is no toy" where as "ikke" would need "et" behind it to become "a flute is not a toy" "En fløyte er intet leketøy" vs "En fløyte er ikke et leketøy"

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Based on the exclamation mark, I assumed there was strong emotion in the sentence and wrote, A flute is not a plaything! which was accepted. A post elsewhere in the forums said that tøy is often used as a suffix meaning "thing." A handy suffix to know as I assume it could be paired with many prefixes and used to mean any kind of thingamabob?

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